Corporate Profile

BR Distribuidora is now Vibra Energia

One of the country’s largest energy companies is born from the leading distributor of oil products

Continuing its organizational transformation process, BR Distribuidora, already consolidated as a True Corporation, is now called Vibra Energia, repositioning itself in the market as an energy company. The new company was born big, with 50 years of experience and tradition, while also favoring a transition towards cleaner and renewable energy sources, in line with the best practices of respect for the environment, society and governance.

Vibra maintains, through a licensing agreement, the Petrobras flag in its network of more than eight thousand service stations throughout the country. BR Mania convenience stores and Lubrax+ automotive centers will also be maintained. Likewise, the commercialization of the top of mind Lubrax line of lubricants will continue. In the corporate segment, there are approximately 12 thousand customers, in segments such as industries, transportes, thermoelectric plants, agriculture and aviation, the latter of which will continue to be served by the BR Aviation brand.

Vibra’s logistics structure is present in all federative units in the country, boasting 43 bases administrated by Vibra, 16 bases in joint pools (pool with partners), 25 joint warehouses with other distribution companies and 8 logistics operators, totaling 92 operating units. We also have 12 lubricant storage points, 5 lubricant logistics operators and operate at 88 airports, all strategically dotted around Brazil’s five regions. With this platform we are able to efficiently meet the demands of all our customers in any Brazilian city. We are the market leader in the distribution of fuels and lubricants in the country in terms of sales volume, highlighting the excellence and quality of the products and services offered in all business segments.

In the energy market, Vibra has been operating through Comerc Energia, of which it owns 50%. In addition to operating in the free energy market, Comerc also offers distributed generation solutions for customers connected to low voltage.

Operating Segments:

  • Retail: Consists of the sale of petroleum-derived fuels, lubricants, natural gas for vehicles, biofuel and the Company’s convenience products through our resale;
  • B2B: Sale of liquid fuels, lubricating oils, Arla 32 and provision of associated services to our customers in the consumer market. In the Chemical Products business, we operate in the processing and distribution of products such as sulfur, hydrocarbon solvents and chemical specialties. Among the sectors of the economy served are oil and gas, fine chemicals, agribusiness, paints, adhesives, household cleaning products and rubbers. In energy commercialization, we distribute green petroleum coke (CVP) in the national market and develop projects for the commercialization of electric energy, as well as energy distribution projects;
  • Aviation: Consists of the sale of aviation products and services at the country’s airports to national and foreign airlines;
  • Lubricants: marketing of products and services in the Brazilian market, including Petrobras service stations and Lubrax + automotive service franchises, the largest in the segment in Brazil.
  • Renewables: spearheading the energy transition underway in Brazil, in our quest to become a multi-energy platform in order to provide our clients with the energy needed by their businesses.
  • Corporate: The following are allocated items related to corporate financial management, overhead related to Central Administration and other expenses, including actuarial expenses related to pension and health plans for retirees and pensioners.