With the IPO in 2017, and the entry into the special listing segment of B3 called “New Market”, several measures were taken in order to comply with the new rules.

With the conclusion of the secondary public offering of the Company’s shares, on July 24, 2019, which transformed it into a private company, the Company continued to improve and increasingly strengthen its corporate governance model, in line with best practices and strategy of the Company, with periodic reviews of its governance instruments, and with an increasing focus on “ESG” (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) themes.

With the measures implemented over the last few years and especially in the new scenario of a private company, the Company obtained several recognitions such as:

  • ISEB3 – B3’s Corporate Sustainability Index –  We were selected to participate in the index portfolio for the 4th consecutive year;

  • FTSE4Good – We remain listed on the FTSE4Good index (index created by the Financial Times Stock Exchange Russell – FTSE – a division of the London Stock Exchange, which assesses the environmental, social and corporate governance practices of companies);

  • Empresas Mais 2022 – 1st place in the Corporate Governance category in the general ranking of the event “Empresas Mais 2022”, by the  “Estado de S. Paulo” newspaper;

  • MSCI – We maintained our A score on the MSCI ESG Research rating and improved our scores on the overall, governance and social dimensions;